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Shout out to friends of Deriana of Deridolls fame
sad illya
This is a shout out to friends of cousin deriana who makes Deridolls. Some of you will recall that in February, the animal shelter where she volunteers was broken into. On Monday, thieves struck again, but this time they took Deri's beloved sheep, Mé-mé, and her little arthritic donkey, Mafaldinha. You can see a picture of her big babies on her Facebook page.


Four days on and there is no news. The police have no information and no leads and Deri is prostrated with grief and worry. I know you'll all be busy with Christmas-y stuff right now, but if you know Deri and can find your way to sending her a message of comfort and affection, I'm sure it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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What a horrid, cruel thing for the perps to do! I'm not on Facebook, but sending prayers for peace and healing Deri's way, and prayers for the safe return of her babies.

Sometimes I despair of humanity.

Yes, it's utterly despicable behaviour, and at a time of year when you would hope that Mankind would be at its best, not at its worst. It is incomprehensible how anyone could be so cruel.

Thank you for your prayers for Deri and for the safe return of her beloved babies.

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