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Regency Bodie and Doyle
Plot Bunny
RegencyBDBlueSky3J MagicDesert Magicsunset50 Spring

(because byslantedlight wanted more Pros in her flist.)

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I am going to bed a happy, happy B/D fan... *vbg* Thank you!

Gosh, I had no idea how perfect Regency Doyle and Bodie would be until just now :)

Whereas I've been thinking about them in snug breeches and leather boots all day. :-)

They look well in Regency costume, very well indeed ...
thank you for the lovely pic! :-)))

Thank you! I know it's not MFU, but it's still a lot of fun. :-)

Wow... very impressed with what you've done here. I'd never before thought of the lads as Regency material, so to speak, but you've proved me wrong :)

Thank you for your kind words! I still have vague ideas about a Napoleonic Wars AU for them. :-)

Nodding with approval at the Napoleonic Wars AU setting ideas!

Lovely lads...

You have a way with AU B&D! :-)

I love the freedom that AUs give me to put the lads is situations they never encountered in canon (and what's not to love about Doyle in velvet and Bodie in regimentals?) *vbg*

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