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Pros AU
Plot Bunny
For byslantedlight who wanted the lads in her flist today...

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Oh... oh, oh, oh! *g* I love this - I love the glimpse of Doyle behind Bodie, the both of them so together just from the expression on Bodie's face... There must definitely be fic for this one! Thank you so much... *vbg*

And how gorgeous is my flist looking today?! *sighs happily*

Yes - there are lots of lovely pics of the lads to enjoy *joins in the happy sigh*

The reassuring presence of Ray is always a great comfort to Bodie (especially when he's been hurt...)

Since usual rules apply, there's no rush for a fic for this, so whenever (or if ever) you write something for it, you know I'll be delighted to read it.

Oh, medival Bodie and Doyle! How nice. I want to read the story behind this picture.

I want to read the story behind this picture.

Me too! :-)

Oh! Now that really is pretty. What a fabulous picture. Thank you!

I'm glad you like it! (I loves me a bit of B/D hurt/comfort, so I do. *g*)

Thank you! I'm glad you like it, :-)

What a fabulous picture!!
Thanks for posting!

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