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Happy Birthday, Bluemeanybeany and Shovewood!
Plot Bunny
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Not around much at the mo...

But yes, Happy Birthday both!

Hope you've had great days and all good wishes for the coming year :0)

RE: Not around much at the mo...

Thank you. Merry Christmas also when the time comes.

Re: Not around much at the mo...

Just in from the pub - celebrating a(n unexpected) change in career.

I certainly hope your Christmas is brill - I'm hoping for a bit of a lull in RL so I can return to the important (fannish) stuff!

Re: Not around much at the mo...

I hope it's a good change of career :-) Are you looking forward to it?

Thank you. This is awesome. Huddles and a baby seal perfect!

I'm going to piggy back on loxleyprince's great work as well. Happy Birthday you two--forever young :)

Thanks pickle. I think it's reached the point now where I just claim to be 21 for as long as that's somewhat believable.

Heh. I just read an obit for Zsa Zsa Gabor, which quoted her in Moulin Rouge:

In her most famous movie, John Huston’s 1952 Moulin Rouge, Zsa Zsa Gabor plays Jean Avril, a chanteuse who enjoys the favors of many men and the habit of lying about her age. “I have been 25 for four years,” she smilingly confides to her friend Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (Jose Ferrer), “and I shall stay there another four. Then I’ll be 27 for a while. I intend to grow old gracefully.” Gabor was 35 at the time.

It's a good philosophy! But make sure the rooms aren't too brightly lit :)

Oh that's not a problem, ive been avoiding brightly lit rooms since I was 16.

After your earlier post, I thought this would appeal. :-)

Happy Birthday, dear.

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