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Happy Birthday, snailbones!
Plot Bunny
I hope the birthday festivities are going swimmingly (and if swimming is involved, that the cabana boys are on hand in sequined Speedos and waterproof mascara to rescue anyone in distress.)


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I'm a bit late, but if you get to see this snailbones, Happy Birthday from me too :0)

Thank you sweetie! I'm just this minute catching up on LJ after three days of eating, drinking, more eating... help!

Oh my - the piccie is fabulous - thank you so much! And yes! there was surprise!swimming involved, amongst other things *g* Had a fabulous birthday, a fabulous Mum's birthday the day before, and now I've got cake-withdrawal - I may have to go cold turkey *g*

Thank you again - you guys are always the absolute best. ♥

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