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Space Volcanoes, anyone?
Plot Bunny
If anyone is watching the Horizon 'Space Volcanoes' episode on BBC2 currently - the bloke playing squash and talking about volcanoes on Io is my brother. :-)

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It's on the iplayer, squash bloke with the glasses and the beard right? Hello Loxley's brother.

Haven't seen it yet, but it sounds like exactly the kind of thing I would enjoy - I'll remember this when I catch it!

I hope you enjoy it if you do manage to catch it. :-)

Bother, I missed it - and him! If I can get it on the catchup thingy I'll watch tonight. Hey - fame! *g*

:-) He's done this before. The last time he filmed with the Beeb, he was in Ethiopia with Professor Brian Cox for an ep of 'Wonders of the Solar System.'

Aaaand I caught up with it! Thank you for mentioning it, I really enjoyed it. Totally my thing... and he was brilliant too. Plus - cool shirt!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :-)

i haven't had a chance to watch this yet but maybe i can get it on catch up ...will make a point of watching soon .

I've been enjoying Horizon's space strand, I downloaded the 'Volcanos' thing, but hadn't watched it when you posted. I have now - and I may try and catch it again tomorrow, before it expires.

Nice to 'meet' your brother, groovy shirt :0)

And the squash reminded me of talking my niece down from her physics revision (some years ago) by reminding her that heat is one of the ways energy expresses itself. She's all grown up now and teaches me things :0)

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Ashley likes Hawaii a lot (and not just because of the volcanoes, apparently.)

I've learnt a lot of interesting things from my brother too!

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