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A pic for byslantedlight's Pros meme
Plot Bunny

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Yeay! Pros in my flist! And our Doyle is looking quite intense here too - I wonder who he's watching...? *g*

I think we can safely rule out Anson and Mr Cowley... :-)

Oh, Doyle in the conservatory watching Bodie. Very nice!

Oh, gorgeous - Pre-Raphaelites ftw! Is that some William Morris stained glass in the background? (I have barely the vaguest, least accurate notion of anything like this!). Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!

I'm so pleased you like it. :-)
I'm not sure if the window in the background is one of Morris' or one of Tiffany's - but I'm sure it's by one of them!

Oh yes! Doyle and that forest green colour that suits him so well! And I love his pose (leaning, of course! 😆)
Thank you for the lovely pic!

I'm glad you think so. I totally agree that Doyle suits forest green (and leaning!) *g*

A lovely setting for a gorgeous Doyle! Well done!

I thought you'd like that one! *vbg*

Lovely picture of our Doyle. Love how the background and the green in his shirt really complement each other and the highlights in his hair look wonderful. Thanks for the pretty.

You're very welcome! Doyle really suits green. :-)

Cor wouldn't mind finding that in my conservatory! Very pretty indeed!

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