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Lt. Steven Wyatt doll by Deriana
Plot Bunny
The hugely-talented deriana made me a Lt. Steven Wyatt doll. I love him to bits! :-)

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It's so adorable! And tiny!

I know! He's so cute (and Deri is so clever to have made him!) I adore his little queue tied up with black ribbon and his tail coat is a miniature work of art. Perfect!

Edited at 2011-12-18 12:00 pm (UTC)

That's really cool. I can't believe the detailing on such a small doll.

Fans are so talented, all the way across the board!

Oh my! His little hat! His little buttons! His little ponytail!

*dies of squee*

I know! He even has tiny, tiny buttons on the cuffs of his coat! How clever is Deri?!! Oh, I do so love little Steven :-)

Maybe he needs a little friend to keep him company? *cough*icon*cough*

My thoughts exactly and I shall definitely be taking care of that shortly. :-)

*sigh* If I had the cash I'd have the entire AU immortalised in dolls.

I think your icons are already a marvellous way of immortalising the cast.

Is it so wrong that I want your AU to be real? Well, a real movie anyway.

Absolutely not. I feel precisely the same way about our little piratey AU verse :-)

Me, too! It is a wonderful 'verse.

Little Steven is adorable! and that hat makes me giggle each time I look at it. It's just too cute for words!
Deri did an excellent job.

Didn't she just? That hat is wonderful - especially when viewed from the side :-)

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