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Esca by Deriana
Plot Bunny
First there was Esca, as played by Jamie Bell in the film "The Eagle"


Now there is Esca, as made by deriana! :-)


Isn't he just the most adorable little barbarian warrior you've ever seen? And see, he has a tiny blue Brigantes tattoo on his arm that is UTTERLY, UTTERLY, PERFECT! (also tiny nipples which are the most DARLING things!) Here he is in the arena at Calleva looking SOO FIERCE (also SQUEEEEEEEEFULLY CUTE!)


When he first met my other Deridolls, Jemmy was scared of him and hid behind Steven,


but as Jemmy had made honey cakes to welcome Esca, they soon became firm friends. Esca said the honey cakes tasted much nicer than raw rat (don't ask.) And here are all the lads together, with Esca wearing Steven's hat, Jemmy playing with Esca's sword, and Steven holding Esca's shield.


Many thanks, bigs hugs, and tons of kudos to the hugely-talented Deri for another triumph! You rock, dear!

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(although it did take me a few minutes to get past that first pic *wipes drool off keyboard*)

I second that SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (Also the drooling)

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