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Things you never expected to hear yourself say
sad illya
I am unaccountably (but quite deliriously) happy to be the owner of one of these toilet seats:-


As the lid closes, the image of the tree changes from spring to summer to autumn and finally to winter.

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You get four images on one seat? That's brilliant!

Indeed! (Just don't ask me how many times I've opened and closed the lid just to see all four seasons because I'm not going to tell you.)

And I have always been easily pleased :-)

Oh! Oh! Even better!
Four pictures of a Pretty portraying the delicate process of shirt removal. As you open and close the lid he takes the shirt off - puts the shirt on - takes the shirt off......
I'd never leave the bathroom.

OMG - imagine an RPJ shirt-removal toilet seat!
(That's clearly a niche market that is SCREAMING out to be exploited.)

Yes! Yes! Just like that!!!

Just as long as the temperature of the seat does change with the seasons as well.

OMG - that would be awful because the Winter image has snow. BRRRRR!!! :-)

We visited our friends in Japan and they had a toilet that had a seat that was cool in the summer, warm in the winter and played a little song so no one could hear any embarrassing noises. It was quite the hoot.

Played a little song? Oh, the mind boggles!!!

Wait for it - I think it was "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" I nearly had hysterics the first time I used it.

Bwahahahaha!!! Still, it could have been worse (like "Wipeout"!)

It could always be worse, like "It's a Small World."

Now that's one you'd definitely end up singing along to!

Although there can be a problem as you will either not want to leave because you enjoy the song so much or you won't want to use it because you hate the song so much. talk about a double edged sword!

They are astonishing!

It really is quite fascinating. I could look at it for hours (which, on reflection, is probably not a good characteristic for a toilet seat.)

This is amazing! Spikesgirl asked about what was bothering me... the temprature!

Fortunately, only the picture changes - not the temperature!

I have to say that's the first time I saw something like this

Same here - but I'm all in favour of turning one's loo into the Louvre :-)

Hours of endless entertainment.....

Oh, yes, indeed. Hours and hours!

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