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Happy Birthday, Quik-Sister!
Glav and Gregg Bday

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Can I add my best wishes here as well (as I don't speak that sport at all...)
Hope you had a terrific day!!!!!

Ok, so you'll need to know that that's Tom Glavine on the left and Greg Maddux on the right. Both were pitchers for the Atlanta Braves. (There will be a short test later.)

or, in my house, that's Glav my imaginary best friend on the left and *fangirl screaming* MY MAN OH MY GOD on the right. :)

Well, that doubles the length of Eilidhsd's test then. :-)





Thank you, darling!!! Can I have the one on the right, with a bow? Please?

Of course you may!

Glav and Gregg Bday Bow

Better, dear? :-)

A new career is beckoning you!!!!!

Edited at 2014-10-05 10:04 pm (UTC)

You didn't realise you were creating a monster with the MFU50 minibang :-)

Oh, if only...

Yes, dear, it's lovely! Thank you, Quik-Sister <3

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